Hey guys,

Jason here.


If you’re not following me on Instagram, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jason Castellani, I am an introverted, laid back, and reserved man born and raised in New York.

If you have been following me on Insta, (@netflix_and_proteinshakes), you would know that one of my main passions is health and fitness. The first thing we’re given to take care of is our very own bodies. It is extremely important to me to incorporate health and fitness into my daily life. Not only does it improve my physical health, but it has taken a huge step in improving my overall mental health.

Also with following me on Instagram, you may have picked up my interest in psychology, and evidently, my inclination of writing and poetry. The name of this blog, Jason at Sevens, means that there will be new content every single day of the week, within its set theme.

This site will include healthy recipes, meal prep ideas, workout tips, etc. I will be incorporating portfolio writing, psychology, encouragement, and relationship/marriage advice. Suggestions on these topics is appreciated and welcomed.

And last but certainly not least, helping to contribute to this site will be no other than my wife, Angebel. She is a writer and filmmaker. Lookout for her writing (short stories, poetry, and insights). You’ll always know when it’s her, trust me.

Through this journey I will talk about things that some people may not normally talk about, getting to the roots of things, and educating on overlooked topics in life. Things are going to get real around here. If you choose to stay tuned with me on this journey, my only desire is that you learn new things.

Make yourself at Home,


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