Never Leave Your Partner Behind

This foundation is on fire, and here I am burning
You leave me here, but somehow I still cling on, hoping desperately for only your warmth, I am still yearning
The toxic air fills my lungs and I cannot breathe
I am trying to escape these surroundings, I am buried far underneath

I am gasping for a bit of fresh air, still I hang on, still I strive
This toxicity is burying me, I am hanging on still, I am begging to stay alive
My body is withering away like the dead fallen leaves in the month of October
I am desperately clinging onto what remains, tell me will these remains be buried within us, is it really over?

You never leave your partner behind in the fire
Come back to walk beside me, carry me through, it is truly what I desire
Through the broken debris, ashes, and this foggy haze
Help me up, guide me through this side by side, help us get to outside to  the bright sun rays.

I am stuck inside this house, and I am telling you I cannot get to the door
I am burning from the outside to the inside, yes, all the way deep within my core
I have no strength in me left to give
And I am trying so desperately to find the willingness to even want to live


Can’t you see that the fire is burning away deep within my soul?
The way each and every day I wither away within these ashes, oh how I feel so out of control
The dreams we once had together are burning inside this house, they are broken
And if we don’t fix them, they will forever erode in the bitterness of the stinging words we have spoken


-Made by Jason Castellani


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