Ahh, Saturday’s… Health & Fitness

This will be my first post on health and fitness. This is a passion of mine that I only aspire to reach more and more knowledge on. Every Saturday will be a post about health and fitness. I do not have all the answers; nor will I ever think I have them. I am still learning, despite being into this community for over 3 years now. As time passes by, I only tend to be more passionate about this. I absolutely love nutrition and I love working out. I will only show what I eat, what I do, and the areas I would like to grow in. I don’t have all the facts down, but I do know a thing or two. Below I will share my workout for today and show a few samples of the pre workout meal/ snack  I sometimes take before working out and also give a sample of what my food looks like and what I eat afterwords. I have increased my calorie consumption; as I have failed to eat enough calories to grow the way I desire to do so. My portion sizes are bigger now. I try to reach my calorie intake each day. I am trying my hardest to do this because it is so incredibly important for me to grow and reach my goals. I tend to sometimes be a little confused with how much I should be consuming regarding calorie intake. But with a lot of research I think I am learning a lot more. I am not only open to giving tips, but also open in receiving them as well.

Today I did a full body workout. I have upped my weight on the machines and free weights as well. I now do lower reps with higher weight. I try to push myself to go as much as I think I can and even if it is only one or two reps for the weight, I do it. I am now able to do the lat pull down machine with 145. It doesn’t seem like much, but a little progress goes a long way. I like the way my body feels with a full body workout. I don’t always do them, because I do like to do individualized muscle groups, but I enjoy working a lot of different muscle groups in the same workout. I also added in 15 minutes of high intensity cardio at the end to finish the workout.  Before the workout, I drank a protein shake with a half a scoop, and afterwards I ate a meal prepped meal of chicken and vegetables plus two eggs and a flapjack protein muffin. My total calories would be about an estimated 500. I like to eat most of my calories after a workout.


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