On Tuesdays it will be a time to just unwind and relax. So from this point on, you will just get some small snip-its of our day and what we did. It is so important to have days where you just unwind and relax from the stressors of every day life. We all need to take these times to remind ourselves in a hectic world that it is okay to relax. And not only is it okay, but completely necessary to do so to recharge your batteries and your overall mind. Make time to take a deep breath and give yourself a breather. Stress on top of stress weighs you down.

Today was pretty relaxed for the most part. We ran some errands and of course went to the gym afterwards. My wife was sick, so I took care of her for the remaining of the day while she relaxed. I also got some researching of my own in on some time alone; as well as some cleaning around the house. That was pretty much the sum of our day.  For the remaining of the night my wife went to a church group. Find something you like to do and just enjoy it. Sometimes we need to be reminded that it is important not only to do the things you have to do, but also to make time for the things you want to do, the things that make you feel alive, feel joy, and really, just be yourself. Without the things we are passionate about and enjoy doing, we aren’t even ourselves. And in that, we can lose ourselves in the process. Make time for you and your needs and wants.


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