Swimming in the 50’s



Anyone down for swimming? We are both pretty big on swimming, and this was our first time swimming together. Today was the high 50’s. What we’ve been seeing here in New York, that is a very good thing. We will take it! We did laps at the pool in our gym for a morning workout. Then following later in the evening we did a full body workout which included: free weights, sprints, resistance band with body weight squats, shoulder, arm and back as well. For breakfast today we ate a smoothie bowl, for lunch we ate eggs and leftover sweet and sour chicken with a side of vegetables, and for dinner we had a turkey burger with turkey bacon, grilled onions, tomato and cucumber salad, and cauliflower rice. In doing daily activity as well as just overall life in general, we should be consuming a lot of water. We need to stay hydrated. Hydration helps with keeping us full and will suppress hunger so you avoid binge eating. Don’t forget to drink water and stay hydrated! To finish off the night we will have a protein shake. As for me, I am still figuring out the food intake to consume more calories for the remainder of the night.



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