I dreamed as a young child
Oh the fascination with the world
My thoughts ran wild.

I grew up quick; but oh how I was passionate in my youth
I was on a quest for my identity
I was just a kid looking for the real truth.

I differentiated from all of these unknown people, I was so different from the others
I was lost in the unknown
My mind was filled with an endless fascination of life’s extraordinary wonders.

I did not desire to fit in, I differentiated for a subtle cause
I may have been lost in the shadows of the unknown
But I wanted to be grounded, I prevented anyone knowing the root of my identity loss.

Looking at myself it was as if I was non existent; as if I fell from the earth of nothing more than a stone from a mere pocket collection
I was not of this world
I saw it in the mirror, an unknown reflection.

I was wandering, inside I was lost
Trapped in drowning chaos
I tumbled and tossed.

I was a ship set out at high sea
I was searching to find my way
The ship was trying desperately to get through all of the debris.

I was drowning but doing my best to stay afloat at all cost
My ship had long been wrecked
The ship was in pieces, and my heart turned so cold it was covered in frost.

My identity is gone, I am at a loss
I was going through hell with all of these scattered pieces, but I dare not tell a single soul
I continued to set my sail, deep in my thoughts I ask myself “Would I ever make it across”?


-Jason Castellani


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