First, allow me to apologize for my absence this past weekend. I was dealing with a personal situation. Due to today being Mental Health & Psychology Mondays, we had chosen to do a series on our very own personalities. Personalities overall play a huge role in our daily interactions with everyone and everything. Psychology is the mind, therefore, this would most certainly be something that should be discussed. How we view, perceive, interpret, and overall function or not function for a lack of a better word with some people, has a lot to do with our personalities. There are certain things that shape us and ultimately, we can grow and learn from things, but there are things that our personalities have been molded and shaped with that will never change. This week will be a week to discover things maybe you have overlooked. Maybe you will discover things about your own self through this week. This week’s series: THE MIND OF AN INTJ and ENFP.

It is not proven, but perhaps by my own perception of my own individual self, I would consider INTJ’s the most intense introverts. According to 16Personalities, this INTJ is 99% introverted. How much more introverted could you possibly get? Rather a rhetorical question. A little insight on the research I have discovered of INTJ’s and my own perception of myself, I enjoy solitude much more than your average person. INTJ’s are rarely stimulated with people, and if they are, it means they truly see something in you. Imagine being so interesting that someone truly chooses to invest their time into you. You may even become so interesting you become apart of their solitude at times. You are that intriguing, you are that peaceful. Those I have invested my time into, they are people that have peaked my interest level in ways I cannot describe. I live a majority of my life more so inside my head. Coming up with ideas, solutions, etc. My brain is like a scattered amount of wires that need to be connected to endless amounts of connections. I am constantly coming up with new ideas.  So when an INTJ finds someone that wants to help them find solutions to all the connections they have running along in their minds, you have been matched. You have caught their interest. Before you catch an INTJ’s eye, you catch our minds first. I have a keen instinct with people. I know it and have always been told. I just know about people without even getting more than a conversation in. I have been right more times than not. My instincts have not failed me with people. It is rather a challenge to gain my interest. When you have surpassed the level of interest and reached the level of trust with an INTJ, we are known to be very loyal to those we love. INTJ’s are more so the types to only dedicate their time to things and people that stimulate their mind, that challenge them, that intrigue them and things and people they can learn something from. That is overall my entire being. It truly is. I rarely have ever been intrigued by people. I don’t talk to people just to talk for the sake of social interaction. I would truly rather be alone than to sit around and waste my time on dull and meaningless conversation. I hate small talk. I literally despise it. I pretty much have no idea what to even say. Awkward doesn’t even come close to describe how I react to small talk. It is truly an obstacle. I know in life you have to do small talk, but it doesn’t come natural to me. I have been told my awkwardness with it, and although it is sometimes a barrier I wish came more natural, it just is apart of who I am.

This week I’ll be incorporating the [art of] differences between humans. Some times some people don’t get along, and really it’s just our personality types. Some personalities just don’t click. If you have ever encountered, which I am sure you have,  a person you just cannot ever seem to click with whatsoever, it probably is the differences with your personalities. No matter what you say or do, you just always seem to clash. We have and all will experience many people like that in our lives. It is an unfortunate reality.   I won’t focus on just that though. We will talk about functions, how we see the world in views and in our heads.

Our lenses. Imagine going to the eye doctor- there’s a prescription, just for you. What we come from, what we’ve come to has shaped our lenses. The pair of lenses you have is just for you, and for you alone. No one will be able to wear your lenses and see the same things as you. Perhaps differences with our perceptions of the world is also through the lenses that are prescribed just for us. No one will ever see the world through your lens. No matter what personality you have, none of us are exactly the same. No one experienced the same exact things as you. You have started off as clay, you have been molded and shaped by your experiences, your perceptions, your reflection on things, your interpretations of things and people, or even misinterpretations of people. You, and you alone, have your very own prescribed lens. No one will ever have the same thoughts, nor the same mind is you. Dive into that and embrace your individuality.


People’s perception of us is not always how things really are, and vice versa- of course.

Our morals, beliefs, reflection, knowledge, understanding, and views can be changed and shifted. It’s called growth.

Stay tuned, it’ll be an interesting week.




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