Recharge is the Golden Key and Word.

As we dive into this week’s series, we’ve hit an important day: Recharge Tuesday. On Tuesdays, we highlight the enjoyment of recharging. Extroversion and introversion are defined by their recharge supplement. Extroverts recharge by social interaction. Introverts recharge by solitude. Which is why my wife has a weekly church group on Tuesdays that is a gather of women. Her idea of recharge is being social and being around people. She LOVES people. As for me, my idea of recharge is to be alone. I need my solitude.

When my wife is doing her recharge, I like to just get things done. I like to clean, meal prep, catch up on some writing, do some research on things, and possibly read a book.

When my wife comes back from group she is energized, eager to go back next week, and overall enjoys the company of the women in her community group. When she comes back we talk about her group, and then we dive into relaxing together and watching a movie.

However, there have also been times that we give each other space and individually read, write, and listen to music. Even extroverts need their alone time too. They just don’t require as much and as often.

It’s good to give people their space. Everyone needs their time, no matter who you are. It’s healthy to take time for yourself, recuperate, and gather your thoughts- no matter how much you enjoy people’s company.

Today, we went to our local library; some thing that we do just about weekly. We picked up movies for our nights in.

My wife is off to her group now.

Marriage & Relationships is tomorrow: Here is a Sneak Peek in the differences of our personalities. Embrace yourself for awkward on my behalf. Enjoy my wife’s beautiful smile and upbeat personality. She has no shame expressing herself.  Grateful for her joyful personality that drags me out of my shell.. or at least tries.




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