Minor Injury but Still Determined to Make it Happen

IMG-1961.JPGSo, recently I injured a joint in my hand. It is called the thenar eminence. It is bruised badly and it is swollen. The swelling has gone down quite a bit though. I have really wanted to work out upper body, and it has taken a lot in me not to do so. I am naturally very stubborn. I also have a high pain tolerance, so it really took the swelling and bruising for me to fully be aware that there was something wrong. I know a lot of people who ignore things and not waiting for the healing process to take place. They wind up having to get surgery or wait even longer for the process because they don’t give the body time to heal. When it comes to working out, I am trying my best not to be so stubborn. The last thing I want is to not be able to work out for a long period of time. However, I did do legs yesterday. The workout was pretty good overall and I feel it pretty good today. Today was a beautiful day here in New York. It hit the mid 70’s and my wife and I headed out to hang around at the beach.  We were out all day walking, or at least a majority of it. That was pretty much my exercise for today. The beach always gives me perspective and freedom. It is truly one of my favorite places to be.  A key reminder is to try and listen to your body. And if you are like me, try and focus on letting your body heal so it can go back to normal. I am not even sure if I fractured something. The only thing on my mind is lifting weights. But it will heal and I will be back at it again. The best thing is to be patient.


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