The Ocean and The Moon

You are the ocean floor
Impossible to reach
but worthy to explore
You are my love
You are my delight
You question me often
but I know my rights.
You put the winds in my sails
You are the ocean’s waters
fulfilling and drowning,
You have strong powers.
You- are an ocean of secrets.
You are an ocean that cries.
I discover you in between
You are what’s mine.
You- are my favorite
-fish of the sea.
Impossible to catch,
but the man for me.
are an ocean’s roar.
You let loose,
you want more.
What’s got the ocean angry?
What’s it about tonight?
There’s something about that rage,
he wants a fight.
– The moon –
Perhaps she has the blame.
The waters reflect her faults
she defends herself in shame.
She breaks in half, she leaves
she waits for him, they’re hooked
they blame one another for departing
“I’ve never left,” they both say, “just look.”
He is the ocean,
She is the moon,
She wanted to be longed for,
He wanted to be understood.
You blame the moon,
You wouldn’t be this way if the sun was out.
Perhaps the moon liked the way the ocean slept
-his soothing demeanor
His waters of depth.
“Goodnight Ocean”
“Goodnight Moon”
They say their goodbyes
but they’ll be together soon.
His heart is an ocean,
her favorite place is the sea
sure, she’s with him always,
but at a certain place they meet.
They have a love for each other
that no element can come in between.
You see these two have much in common,
they’re watched yet misunderstood
nobody knows how much they cry each other,
yes, the ocean and the moon.



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