Take Care of Your Mental Health

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month.

While we are more into the end of the month, we are still in it, so let’s talk about it. It shouldn’t have to take May or Mental Health Awareness Month to talk about mental health.

There are over 200 mental health diagnosis. The symptoms to them range from the unnoticeable to all the most evidently clear.

It all comes down to self-care.

Many take any “support” they can take. Self care includes cutting out people that do not care for you. Not everyone is for you. Self-care is regular therapist visits, healthy coping methods, and self-love and respect.

It is so very important and completely necessary that you have at least one coping skill. Lets face it- we all need a coping skill no matter what walk of life we come from, if we have a mental health diagnosis or we don’t, etc. Find a healthy coping skill to release your energy into. Many people, including many of those struggling with a mental health diagnosis, fall victim to drug and alcohol dependency or even another type of addiction. The problem is that we don’t learn healthy coping skills and wind up utilizing unhealthy things to fill some kind of hole.

Take care of yourselves!

-Wishing you a life of health,

Jason & Angebel



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