Keep Your Balance (For Mental Sake)

I have found a direction of health and fitness to help cope with my mental health. It has been one of the most beneficial things I have done that helps me cope with life and just overall weighing mental health. Since working the hours that I do, I have severely neglected working out. It seems as if my life is just a non stop work load and that it what it revolves around. My wife and I have become obsessed with personality types, as you all may have seen. I need a significant amount of alone time. My wife has witnessed the times where I can just not interact with anyone whatsoever for the entire day. I can go a week, I can go longer than a month. I don’t really need interaction with people. I have had so much social interaction with working that it is mentally overwhelming to my social battery. I have a low social battery to begin with. Every single day I try to mentally prepare myself to interact with people for a work shift, sometimes double shifts and even triple shifts. The only time I can really recharge and find some type of balance is when I work out. The mental effects that working out does to me is beyond what I could ever explain. Being without it for basically the whole summer has taken a huge hit mentally.

To find balance in mental health we all need to make time for the things that help us. I also find relief with writing. I barely have time to sleep, so I am just so exhausted I find it difficult to sit down and just write. Not making time and having a balanced life to devote to your mental health is only setting you up for a road to disaster. Not making time for mental health is destructive. I have been so focused on providing that I have neglected my mental health severely. It has been so important to me for my wife to attend college this semester, and she finally is going back. I wanted to be able to provide to lead the road to her education. It has become so important which is the reason why I have taken it upon myself to work the hours I do. To be quite frank, living in other states is not quite like living here. Living in New York is nearly triple the money for what other states pay for things. It isn’t easy providing here. I can be transparent about it. It is the reason why I work the way I do. My wife’s education is so important to me that I have made it my #1 priority for her to be able to do what she loves.

There needs to be balance in everyone’s lives. No one should be working so much that they can barely even function. It is only worth it because I do it for her. I only continue to push forward: for her. The biggest thing I have struggled to find balance with my mental health is my need for extreme amounts of alone time. Finding a balance with being so exhausted, it has been difficult to incorporate the things that help me into my schedule. I haven’t made time for myself and what is able to help me thrive and function. Without alone time I am not even myself. Since I am known with my personality type to be the “mastermind”, I am a planner. Everything I do is planned and structured. I would say about 90% of my life is this way. Without a plan I don’t know what to do. It is probably the reason why I have struggled to adjust into the swing of things. Out of all of the planning I do, I neglected to plan to make time for myself and find balance. Last week was THE WEEK I decided to make a plan to get to the gym at least three times a week. I actually made it five times. I have made it to the gym every day so far this week as well. I structured a plan that incorporates time that helps my mental health. It has been refreshing and recharging to find my way back to my balance. I started writing more again and I started consistently meal prepping and going back to the gym. I have been consistent with the gym for four years straight. It was just as part of my schedule as taking a shower or running an errand. It was always incorporated. It isn’t selfish to make time for your mental health and find balance to do the things that help you find relief. I found my way back and I will continue to make plans to find a way to get to the gym no matter what. When we neglect our mental health, everything in turn goes on a roller coaster.

Take care of yourselves.

Jason Castellani